Sunday, February 21, 2010


The word of the week was "Tree".
It was the first week of our challenge and I didn't do much thinking about what I was going to do. My first idea was to draw a hammock between two trees. Lying in a hammock reading a book is the ultimate symbol of peace, quietness and joy for me.
I used watercolor pencils for the tree, watercolor for the grass and tree structure and colored pitt pens for the hammock. The green of the grass was done with pastels. The ballons are first stamped and then colored.

I am quite happy with this first page but I really learned that I need to do more thinking about the project to be really satisfied or even proud of my work.

When the word "tree" came up I knew immediately that I wanted a poem about a tree and then create something around this poem.
I searched the internet for quite a while but found only two poems that I kind of liked. And then I discovered the words from a letter from Vincent van Gogh to his brother Theo, where he tells him about the colors of the olive trees.
I looked at the pictures of van Gogh's olive trees and tried to paint the tree as he did with gnarled branches and small brush strokes for the clustered leaves. I used acrylic paints.

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