Sunday, May 9, 2010


We are here again!
Sorry for the long delay!

Our challenge for this week was "a letter". I took the letter G. My inspiration were the first letters of a chapter in old books. They are big and heavily ornamented. My letter did not turn out this way - it looks more like a G with a lot of doodeling. But nevertheless I'm rather happy with it.

I tried two different approaches this week and I couldn't decide which one to show on the blog. So I will show you both. 
My first page was a grid were I thried out how various letters look and then colored them. 

My second page is just a single letter which I tried to decorate with climbing roses. Good intention but it looks more like some string of light attached to the M, which is good also. I am just glad that it looks good. I wasn't sure about that when I drew it. 

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  1. Love the concept for your blog and scrolling back through past entries to see all your different takes on the prompts! Best wishes to you as you continue you on the journey! May it bring you much happiness!!!!