Sunday, March 14, 2010


This weeks word was easy for me. I really like to take pictures and have a huge selection of photos. I looked through them and searched for my favourite green pictures. I found a lot. Some of them became part of this collage. 
I am extremly happy that I had so many pictures with flowers because I think those other colors make the green more shiny and lively. 

I decided to write the word "green" in many different languages and in different shades of green. 

For those interested here are the translations
green = english
grün = german
viridis = latin
grön = swedish
gronn = norwegian
zelená = czech
zelen = croatian
groen = dutch
berde = basque
verde = portugese
seleno = bulgarian
gron = danish
sabz = persian
yecil = turkish
zöld = hungarian
hijau = indonesian
groenn = islandic
chloros = greek
rangi ya majani = swahili
gwyrdd = walsh
uaine = gaelic
zielen = polish
xanh = vietnamese
hovy = guarani (a dialect of Paraguay)
midori = japanese
verda = esperanto
vihreä = finnish
vert = french
verde = spanish and italian
sélen = russian

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