Monday, March 8, 2010


The first thing that came to my mind about this week's topic was drawing an exploration grid and draw things concerning light into the squares. Then it took me one whole week (6 days actually) to convince myself that I can draw all those things. I am not very proud of my drawing skills but I finally believed in myself and now I really like this page. 

This week I have learned a lesson:
Always believe in yourself. I am now convinced that I can draw.

When the word "light" came up I immediately thought of the moon. Which is a false image because we all know that the moon is not shining on its own, it is just a reflection of the sunlight. And still it is the only natural light availabe in the night. So why not stick to it.
I painted an acrylic background which gives a nice dark color (actually it is a dark purple) and an interesting texture. I printed a black and white image of the moon that I found on the Internet and colored it with a yellow pastel chalk that I applied to a piece of fabric and then rubbed onto the picture. I glued the moon to the background, cut the silhoutte of a tree out of black paper and glued this to the page.

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