Monday, June 7, 2010

Sweet 'n' Tasty

For me the essence of sweet and tasty is a fresh and ripe strawberry. I can't resist them and as soon as the first strawberries appear in the supermarket I have to have them.  My secret wish: a strawberry as big as an orange.

I am a huge fan of sweets. I like cookies, cakes, muffins and anykind of chocolate. I really do. 
So when thinking about sweet 'n' tasty I immediately thought of a cheesecake. I really like it topped with cherries. 

And here the reminder:
We would like to invite you all to join our challenge.
We will post the word(s) of the week on Sunday and then we all have one week (till Saturday evening) to create our approach to this word(s). If you want to share your work with all of us (and that would be really wonderful) then mail it to us till Saturday evening. We will post yours and our two pages on Sunday for everyone to see.
It would really be great if you would all share your pages with us.
So, just create a page, take a photo, reduce the size so that it fits into one e-mail and send it to us (

The words of this week will be: “Time”!
We really look forward to your approaches and hope to receive lots of mails.

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