Monday, June 14, 2010


After watching the "Alice in Wonderland" film by Tim Burton I bought the original "Alice" books by Lewis Caroll. I read them and was amazed by the story. 
I can still remeber the white rabbit in the Disney version and I really like him. He is always rushing around trying to beat the time because he is so afraid that he might be too late. 
So I decided to draw the white rabbit from "Alice in Wonderland". 
The drawings in my book are so beautiful that I chose to draw this rabbit and not the Disney version. 
Finally I have to say: "Oh dear, oh dear! I shall be too late!"

We are always looking at our watches, trying to be in time and to squeeze everything in the 24 hours of a day. And sometimes we just forget to look at the nice things in life. So please don't forget to look at the rainbow!

Summer starts on June 21st!
Therefore the word for next week is "Summer"!
For more information see our previous posts.

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